Editor’s Letter: Welcome to DesignWrites.law

December 1, 2017

Following 10 published editions of our DesignWrites magazine, the first published in June 2013, the time has come to move online to allow us to reach even more people across the design world.

By establishing an online presence, DesignWrites will continue to unravel and explore the seemingly complex world of design protection, offering practical advice by looking at recent design cases, hearing from industry experts and sharing stories from the wider design community, all in a more easily accessible and searchable format.

Bird & Bird’s global expertise in intellectual property and passion for product design means we are best placed to bring you the latest legal and industry news in this field, and assist you in this ever-developing area.

We hope you enjoy the new DesignWrites format and if you would like to get in touch with the DesignWrites editorial team, or would like further information about Bird & Bird’s international Product Design Group, please contact us here.